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Below are disqualified MWD puppies/dogs available for adoption.  If interested in learning more, please visit our Contact Us page.  
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Once your adoption application has been accepted, please visit our Forms section to submit the Trial Placement Agreement and Placement Contract.  
Meet Djego! 
A 2.5 year old neutered male Belgian Malinios located in the Austin/San Antonio area. He's a small guy, with a quirky tail and lots of personality.

Djego was medically discharged in March from the MWD program due to a damaged Larynx. He requires a harness instead of a collar due to the injury and care to ensure he doesn't overheat. Djego needs to be a house dog.

He has basic obedience, is crate trained and understands commands in French as a bonus. He has not been around children since his original adoption, so no children under 10. His former family had an outdoor cat, so he may be ok with cats. He gets along with well with adults and other dogs. 

Additional forms
Once your Adoption Application has been accepted, you may need to complete one or both of the Trial Placement Agreement and Placement Contract forms.  Upon notification by the Mal-FFunctions team, you can access these forms below.

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