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Available for Adoption
Below are disqualified MWD puppies/dogs available for adoption.  If interested in learning more, please visit our Contact Us page.  
You will also need to complete our Adoption Application and email to 
Once your adoption application has been accepted, please visit our Forms section to submit the Trial Placement Agreement and Placement Contract.  
Meet CCampbell... 
aka "Soup".  Soup is almost 12 months old and is a very big boy, weighing in at a very lean 74 pounds and a bit over 27" at his shoulder.  He likes other dogs, has low ball drive, and is looking for a leader through his teenage phase.  He has a very endearing personality to match his good looks.  He is food motivated.  He is neutered, pexi'd and is housebroken.  Very good basic obedience is on board.

He needs an experienced mal adopter who has no young children or cats.  Other dogs are great.  This person must be willing to earn Soup's trust, develop a routine, and be consistent in their interactions with him.  Soup will need to continue training, especially since he is young.  He is a very willing student and already has a killer heel.  He would be a great running companion, agility or do club level nosework as he gets a bit older.

He is available for adoption and is being fostered at Krav-K9 & Tactical.  Contact (note the FF) - or visit our Contact Us page.  Please also feel free to fill out our adoption application (see link above).  We place our rescues based on best fit for the dog; not first come, first serve.  The adoption fee is $200.



Yay CCampbell...
Another success story! 
This happy boy was recently adopted by a loving family who adore him.  He's having a great time living on lots of acreage, getting exercised and worked daily and learning lots of new stuff. 
Way to go CCampbell!

Additional forms
Once your Adoption Application has been accepted, you may need to complete one or both of the Trial Placement Agreement and Placement Contract forms.  Upon notification by the Mal-FFunctions team, you can access these forms below.

Trial Placement Form

Placement Contract